15 December, 2015



Found this about three years ago and anxiously awaited Guy Montag's next broadcast on the RFK Assassination, but alas nothing.

Guy is a bit monotonous voice wise, he could use improvement on his intonation, inflection, enunciation & pronunciation as well as spending some time on his breath work.

Guy definitely put a great deal of time, effort, and research into this, and I for one am most appreciative; being myself a member of the cadre of JFK Assassination Researchers.

Enjoy the information and variety of speakers {Listed Below}, Guy lined up and pass it along to any of your family and friends that have an interest in President Kennedy.

Chronological Order of Speakers:

Joan Mellen on Jim Garrison & "A Farewell to Justice"

Ralph Schoenman on Oswald

Jim Fetzer on Zapruder film and LBJ

Excerpts from "Liquid Conspiracy" read by Montag

Ed Edwards on Oswald

William Cooper on Freemasonry and Dealey Plaza

E. Howard Hunt on LBJ, Phillips, Meyer

Eustace Mullins on JFK, Lincoln and the Federal reserve

James W. Douglas on "JFK and the Unspeakable"

Jim Garrison on Oswald and the Media

Robert Morningstar on Zapruder Film and Tippet

Excerpts from "The Torbitt Document" read by Montag

Mack White on JFK conspirators

Randy Owens on JFK Conspiracy

Mae Brussell on the 10th Anniverary of JFK's assassination

Josh Reeves on King Kill 33

Kenn Thomas on Garrison Investigation

Jim Marrs on JFK Conspiracy

Michael Parenti on Oswald

Paris Flammonde on Marcello, Hunt and the Mob

John Armstrong on Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald

Oliver Stone on JFK Conspiracy

Excerpts from "Inside the Gemstone File" read by Montag

John Hankey on George H. W. Bush, Nazis and JFK

James Files on the Dealey plot and execution

Michael Collins Piper on Mossad Israel Nuclear Arms JFK

2 Letters written by Mae Brussell to President Ford and President Nixon read by Montag

Richard Hoagland on JFK 2012 Air force one and Oval office

And Remember...

*Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*
Mad Doc

Now Go And Use Your Own Brain And Give It Some Thought!

Two of my favorite sayings in closing:

1) If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"

04 September, 2012

Are We Witnessing The Creation Of Our Own Version of SKYNET?

Machines in one form or another have been slowly taking over the world for centuries. Has the average Joe on the street taken notice, possibly, but not bloody likely.

As we all know from the Terminator movies SkyNet was a military computer whose intelligence surpassed that of humans, became sentient, and killed it's creators.

Computers have been and currently are taking over our thinking for us, a la The Matrix.

A couple of simple examples: 1) An easy one - Spell Check. When was the last time you had to recall how to spell a word whilst composing on our computer? What you don't because your computer does it for you? Why? Because you'd have to expend extra brain power.

2) A more complicated one - Our cars. They can now brake for us, steer for us to avoid collisions, and tell authorities our location, among other things. Need I go on?

"Sure." you say, 'Right... machines taking over the world. I think you need to wear this comfy white I Love Me jacket now.' 'Here take these nice candies Stelazine and Haldol, that's a good boy.' My wife would just say, "Too much Sci-Fi (Syfy) Channel for you."

ADDEDNUM 05 Oct., 2012
If you think I'm crazy then Anthony Zuiker (of C.S.I. fame) and I are in the same boat!  Please view his Cybergeddon webseries: http://cybergeddon.yahoo.com/#home   Then tell me I am insane!

If he can think it up, then surely the possibility exists, however improbable, that it could be done!

Let me say this, I think progress is a good thing and I do like computers. I am using one right now aren't I? They are a great tool, but I do believe we are beginning to rely on them way too much.

Sooner or later someone will create a program as the esteemable Mr. Zuiker posits, then we will all be in a world of hurt! 

It is not bad enough that we will create a computer system that will take over our thinking for us, then far too late to do anything about it, we will be dependent on the Master Computer for all of our activites of daily living.

Our cars are so computerized, with GPS and other tech that your average Joe cannot work on it anymore out of his garage. Why OnStar? So the Gov't can track us anytime anywhere!

What, don't own a new car with all the toys? Bet you have a cell phone, which comes standard with GPS tracking built right in!

They'll soon be giving us a bath, cook food that is nutrionally superior to what we would prepare, care for our children and our aged loved ones (already beginning in Japan), drive us to and from work, stores, or other places, monitor our daily lives to keep us from 'harm' (happening here in the U.S.A. as we speak with surveillance cameras and facial recognition software), and so much more!

Let's start simple. How many of you are familiar with robot vacuums, robot lawn mowers, or have a robot pet (like RoboSapien, or Aibo) or have seen Sony's Asimo or heard about the robotic nurses, like RIBA, in use Japan. They are weaving their way into our society.

As I am sure most people are aware, in 1997 IBM's Deep Blue trounced then reigning Chess Champion Gary Kasparov. No big deal you say, Deep Blue was programmed with only the Chess rules and regulations and massive amounts of computing brain power, just a 'one off' machine.

Humans on the other hand are multi-tasking all purpose machines if you will, we operate on a wider range in other words. For most of us board games are not one of the operant tasks.

For the most part, as of right now anyway, machine intelligence is in no way equal to our own. When their IQ and acuity begin to rival our own, will they respect us as their Creators? Or will they, like we have done to our Creator, say, 'Get out of the way we don't need you anymore.'

Will they try to conquer us, take over the running operations of the world as we know it, and enslave us? YES they will and they are!

Hmmm... should sound vaguely familiar.

Although, once again I know you'll want to disconnect my access to the Internet, television and radio then find the nearest communication device ( all run by machines/computers) and contact the local 'funny farm' on behalf of my best interests.

Can we stop this from progressing farther and prevent Skynet like dominance in the future?

Yes. It is possible that we can.

It will revolve around two things: A) Intelligence and B) Control. Our supremacy on Earth is owed mostly to our vastly superior intelligence. If machine intelligence starts to align with ours, then it's time to start feeling anxious.

Although, as long as we still maintain command and authority (read as Control) we can still pull the plug so to speak.

"Sure," you say, "we can always turn the blasted thing off when it starts to get uppity." Don't be so confident! Let's just see an example of when we cannot turn the beast off.

Well, as the saying goes, you asked for it.

The Internet. There you go.

We as a planet are so dependent on the 'Net we can't shut it down. Not with just a flick of the switch. Now think back 20 years ago, did we need the 'Net to find an address, look up a phone number, talk with our friends (heaven forbid now if we do it face to face or voice to voice), watch a movie, read a book or any of a number of other things? No! To quote the Yellow Pages, we "Let our fingers do the walking."

Only now our fingers walk all over a keyboard, our eyes are glued to a monitor and our ears to a cell phone. Our versions of the prisoners leg irons and handcuffs.

The 'Net is so huge that even if tomorrow we wanted to shut it off, we couldn't because it cannot be an instantaneous disconnect and not possible within a short amount of time.

Not to mention we would all be like unfortunate drug addicts. 'I need a fix man, you got any Broadband on ya, I just need to check Facebook, that's all just a little Facebook man! Aww... come on. Can't you give me this one for free, I'm hurtin' here." Sound like anyone you know?

So we are NOT truly in control of what is going on in our home, vehicles, work, hospitals, military, towns, cities, states, or countries.

Machines/Computers have been our first line of defense for the United States and the major Superpowers for decades. What? No Way! Oh yes, just think about it SkyNet was developed for use by the military, in the movie, as a 'Global Digital Defense Network.'

Lest I forget, SkyNet, an actual version, are an actual family of Military Satellites began by the United Kingdom in 1969. It is currently on it's fifth generation. The 6th generation is slated for launch in 2013.

The current Russian regime also inherited from the former USSR a computer called, Dead Hand, which in the event that the Russian leadership was destroyed, could by itself, automatically trigger the launch of the Russian ICBM's if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors which of course are all monitored and verified by the computer without human interference.

Thinking machines taking over the world and killing people. "Right," you say, "I don't have to drive you crazy, you're within walking distance!"

Ok then. Let me give you two more simple examples.

1) Cruise missiles with onboard computers are already autonomous to some degree, making their own guidance decisions.

2) UAV's - Our military has been using UAV's for a few years now. UAV's? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. You know them as Predators, such an appropriate name don't you think, reminds me of... oh maybe a Terminator? Which is what a Predator and/or Reaper does, is it not? Terminates its designated target.

As of 2010 the U.S.A.F. had over 300 robot fighter drones operating, and has killed an unknown amount of people using them.

Very recently these UAV's have been authorized to be used in the U.S. for civilian and law enforcement use. See the following link: http://news.yahoo.com/drones-large-small-coming-us-010537668.html

These pilotless aircraft, which at this time are remote controlled by ground crew, come in a variety of sizes. Some are as big as a small aircraft, others the size of a backpack. The tiniest are small enough to fly through a house window.

Guess what the UAV's can do?... the UAV's can listen and see right into our living room or car and gather any 'necessary information', and to kill those deemed a threat using onboard weapon systems such as missiles and guns. Which with minor changes to the caliber of the weapon could be blamed on a... oh, I don't know, a drive by shooting to take out what They consider a dissident without Them being blamed for it.
Chilling thought isn't it?

You can't even go to the store to buy groceries if there is a power outage, because all the computers are down and the cashiers don't know the prices of items in their store nor can they use a receipt book, or even their brains for that matter.

I won't even start on the computer's or the Internet's effect on World Governments, Banking, or Medicine and what would happen to these along with the world's economy and the people at large if a shutdown occurred.

Children and most workers today cannot do math in their heads. Why? Due to the fact that calculators (computers) are used in the classroom and can be used during tests in place of living brains.

Hmmm... Our children may well be the first generation of Cyber Zombies. Food for thought for another post, or maybe Zombie Cyborgs.

If we did shutdown the 'Net many businesses worldwide would come to a halt, with the possible exception of Mom and Pop type stores.

Our utilities are controlled via computer and Internet so we'd either roast or freeze to death in our homes, and our food supplies would rot. Gas pumps are controlled via computer, so no one could fly, drive or even fuel up a generator for electricity.

Although we'd be healthier as a nation as we'd have to pedal or walk everywhere and grow our own food.

No communication with other places would be possible. As the satellites communicate via computer with the 'Net.

We couldn't even watch TV or listen to the radio as almost all signals are digital now. There may be a few low wattage analog radio and tv staions left, but that's it.

Come to think of it maybe nuclear weapons and EMP blasts could be a thing of the past. Just shut down a developed country's access to the Internet down and you have effectively crippled it without firing a shot.

Use your own brain and give it some thought!

Mad Doc 

Remember *Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*

Two of my favorite sayings in closing:

1) If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"

10 June, 2012

A Special Piece by my son Thomas

Today I would like introduce a special piece by my son Thomas.  He has hit on a particular affliction to our children: Laziness!  Read the following and please comment.  Thomas submitted this as an entrance essay to the University of North Florida.  Now on with the Show!....

     Our own ingenuity has created a plague.  It is devouring our communities & making everything occur slower. Our ability to create machines such as computers to make our lives easier has in turn, made us as a society, Lazy.  It is the duty of those who can see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of.
     I used a computer to write this essay, and they are a great tool, but I do believe we are beginning to rely on them way too much in our daily lives.  (See my entry on Are We Witnessing The Creation of Our Own Version of Skynet 27 Match, 2011) [Blog entry not referred to in orginal submitted essay]
     For example I didn’t have to handwrite this [my handwriting is atrocious because of computers], remember any rules of punctuation, or even how to spell for that matter. My computer takes care of that for me.  Words and phrases have even come to be replaced by jumbles of letters, e.g. I C UR going home, SMH, ROTFL, and TTYL.
     When was the last time you can recall handwriting a letter or message to someone. 

     It is no wonder that when the SAT’s started requiring a handwritten essay in 2006 that only 15 percent of the students wrote in cursive out of 1.5 million, the rest printed in block letters.  As of Fall 2011 the Indiana Department of Education has decreed that handwriting, an ‘archaic method of communication’, and will no longer be taught in schools, instead they will instruct the children in the lazy way of the keyboard (granted I wrote this on a computer, as it was required).
     Laziness shows up in our schools, workplaces, and recreational activities. Unless we find a way to combat it, our society is doomed to mediocrity, and to be taken over by nations which are more mentally and physically prepared and not to mention, energetic.
     Homework has always been a staple of school. Students have plenty of spare time after school to accomplish it. The unfortunate fact is, due to laziness many students simply do not carry out this simplest of tasks.  Why?  Rather than engage their brains in an intellectually stimulating activity, they focus on their cell phones or grind away at some insipid video game.
     If one were to look at an average teacher’s grade book it is guaranteed that in most instances the class will have lower grade points. The facts are that in completing the homework assignment the student(s) would be prepared for tests and quizzes, and thus improve their grades.  For those struggling with certain subjects, homework and the exams would alert the instructor that these students require more in depth attention and assistance. If these students did not choose the path of laziness their grades would improve and their understanding of the subject matter would as well. Laziness can be prevented.
     These same students then go out into the workplace, where they rely on machines once again to do their work for them.  We have allowed machines to take over the running operations of the world. For reference I have observed time and again that cashiers cannot do the simple in head calculation of making change for their customers without the use of the cash register.
     Walk into a store such as Wal-Mart, and you will notice signs that laziness has stricken both employees and customers. Merchandise on the floor or in an unorganized state on the shelves, with employees passing by, ignoring it completely. Laziness made it so that a customer didn't place the merchandise back on the shelf [the “It’s Not My Job Syndrome”]. Even at a place of business, laziness is apparent and poisons society.
This noxious behavior returns in the form of recreational activities. Children used to partake in activities such as going for a walk, playing a game of basketball, fishing, playing at the park, or simply reading a book for enjoyment or to enhance their intellect & education. When was the last time you saw a kid sitting down and reading a good book of their choice; not one that was assigned as the dreaded homework?
     However, now that laziness has taken hold of the community, Children are staying in their own little virtual worlds. They’re in their room, playing on their iPhone's, Xbox or computer or listening to their MP3 players, and the reason behind it is, they are too lazy to get up and do something.  Once again, all thanks to our own ingenuity.
     Laziness has taken over our communities in a negative way.  It is making the United States mentally and physically unhealthy. It is makes our students unwilling to do simple tasks, or be willing to accept any responsibility.  Ask any kid to take out the trash in today’s society and they want to get paid for it or else it’s not worth getting up for. 
     The child forgets that they would be assisting the family and in turn themselves! As they are getting a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, food in their stomachs, their clothes laundered, electricity for their gaming systems, an Internet connection for their computers, water for their showers, and transportation to and from their activities. They should be grateful and perform any chore requested of them by their parental units without any monetary gain!!!   
Laziness has seeped into our society, educational systems, work, marketplaces and families. Laziness is in part, the underlying cause for dissent within the community.  It can and must be stopped.  The tool for combating laziness and be successful is called Effort.


03 April, 2012

Are Inalienable Rights A Thing Of The Past!?

We ban great works of art, books, and even people based on how they offend our precious sensibility.  If it offends you as a person do not banish them, simply choose not to partake. 

Others may appreciate what you comprehend as offensive.  Think of the things you do like.  Could another person possibly consider it offensive to them?  How would you feel if they said you can no longer read a book, view a piece of art or talk to this person based on their subjective opinion?
How soon will it be before we trade away our feelings and emotions in the name of security?  How long before words like love, hurt or I’m sorry are just residual words in our children’s vocabulary for something they have never been allowed to experience?
How soon before our individuality is replaced with conformity?  Sometime soon we will all live identical cookie cutter lives.
Bit by bit our rights are slowly being taken away from us.  As a people, a city, a state, and as a nation, by our own Governments.  How did it come to this you ask?  We gave it to them!  Through our own innate fears and those created by the self-same government who seeks to “protect” us.
Now I know the events of 9/11 were tragic, but those same events caused We The People to give up some, if not most, of our ‘Inalienable Rights’. Fueled by the media, our fear and panic spread quickly.

What are our Inalienable Rights you may ask?
The Pursuit of Happiness?  Sure if someone doesn’t see what makes you happy as being offensive!
Life? – Such that it is now! As we are viewed through the lenses of thousands of surveillance cameras and facial recognition programs roughly 200 times a day, 24/7.
Liberty?  Just what is Liberty anyway?  Simply put, it is the Freedom to do what we please, when we please, where we please and how we please.  Guess what? That one has been gone for decades we just won’t admit it.
And the big one – PRIVACY!?  We gave that up when We The People were told that the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) would  detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and help us recover from terrorist attacks within the United States.  It is comprised of 22 separate entities such as FEMA, The National Communications System, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (?), the Coast Guard and the Secret Service to name just a few.
Guess what that means? We The People gave the DHS and the U.S. Gov’t Carte Blanche to keep tabs on OUR private lives.  Why?  Because we did not speak up and simply say, NO! 

We The People did not grant permission to the DHS or U.S. Gov’t to infiltrate our private communications, monitor what we read, watch, or peruse on the Internet, who we chose to interact with, or to watch us in our home with any of a variety of specialized equipment.
Then President Bush promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. He launches a special project in the name of national security. At first, it's believed to be a search for certain ‘terrorists’ and weapons of mass destruction, and it is pursued without regard to its human or monetary cost.
Sometime later, several terrorists are captured, tried, and found guilty. A memorial is built to honor their victims, but the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear those terrorists incited. Fear became the ultimate tool of our government, and through it, our rights were infringed upon, and another politician was appointed to the newly created position of Director of Homeland Security. The rest, as they say, is history...

Wisdom comes from anticipating the consequences of your actions!
Mad Doc

Remember *Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*

These two of my favorite sayings in closing.

1) “If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.”

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"

01 August, 2011

Debt Ceiling, TARP, Jobless Rate, and once again, just where is the Bailout for the Regular Guy?

After reading the article on Yahoo! on 01 Aug.11 about the U.S. Debt Ceiling http://news.yahoo.com/responses-debt-deal-range-angry-angrier-023415505.html

I thought it was time for a update on my article.  The original article follows immediately after the end of this one.

Now I am a Flag waving, Liberty loving monster fan of being an American, but how is it we are going to get the short end of the stick, again, when is comes to what the Obama Adminstration does with our money.

This is twice now Obama has stuck it to We The People. THEY say there will not be any effect on interest rates, fuel prices, and other items of interest to the general public. Yeah and THEY said the recession wouldn't last very long either. As the saying goes, You Shall Know The Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Mad.

If the U.S. Gov't can 'raise their debt ceiling' does that mean we can call our creditors an say, 'oh, hey, yeah we're a little low on cash, so we're following the example the Gov't has set and raising our debt ceiling. So we'll be spending more, just not paying more." How well do you think that will fly? Like a lead balloon.

If The State is not working properly, it needs to be rebuilt!

As I have said in the past, the Gov't needs to give Big Banking and the Credit Bureaus a kick in the pants and say "Give the people a break." Don't you think you have enough money and have caused enough trouble for the U.S. Economy?

Moratoriums on foreclosures, mortgage payments, car payments, etc... are what we need until this recession is truly behind us, and will give We The People a chance to catch our breath and get caught back up.

Giving Big Banking those Billions in bailout money didn't help We The People's current financial situation has it? Has the Gov't even gotten much, if any, of that money back?

The Gov't is worried about 'Deflation' which means a decrease in the general price level of goods and services. YES! That is what the country needs! How is it that a gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas? Why is the cost of heating and cooling your home taking a large chunk of your income?

If We The People don't have enough money to buy that gallon of milk then 'Deflation' which is in essence a decrease in the amount of money each person has, should be just the thing we need to jump start our economy as it will increase the value of our real money, it also is a benefit to those on fixed incomes. I'm sure most of you know at least one Baby Boomer. They are a large percentage of those on fixed incomes as well as those who are disabled and the unemployed.

Now, I know, lower prices means less demand which means less production, but that then leads to a lower prices which encourages people to buy.

I have said that I am in no way an Economist and those poor suckers should be without jobs considering what a mess they have gotten this country into, but it seems that deflation is exactly what is needed here in the Good Ol' U.S. of A.

We want our money to go farther right?! 'Inflation' makes it so that it doesn't go as far as it used to. Inflation causes a loss as it effects the real value our Dollar. We NEED to keep a balance between Inflation and Deflation next to Zero so our money can purchase more and our Gov't will understand what We The People are going through. Big Business and Big Banking should NOT be getting the bailouts,

I am sure I will be adding more to this as time goes on, but I am looking forward to your comments.

***** Original Article *****

After reading the article on Yahoo! on 01 Apr., 10 about U.S. Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner I was reminded of the way I and many others felt when our Gov't started bailing out the financial institutions to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.

Yet we, the Average Joe got a paltry $250.00. How's that help? It barely would fill a Humvee gas tank.

I make no pretention as to being an Economist, and Heaven help those poor schmucks, but to me it makes more financial sense to let the big institutions and credit bureau's breathe their last, as they failed to do what they were hired and paid to do. That is protect We The People from what happened during the Great Depression. Now that this Depression/Recession
is even greater than the previous historic one.

The Gov't should have forgiven We The People our debts across the board, which in Biblical times was done after 7 years. This would have immediately improved the economy. Sure it would have killed many banks, credit unions, auto makers/dealers and other businesses worldwide, but at the same time it would have saved many global citizens from foreclosure, bankruptcy, and numerous other bills, etc...

This in turn would have ensured that the "Big Guys" would have to retune and rethink their business models and the way they have treated their customers.

Also how is it "good" for our jobless rate & economy to let American businesses take their shops overseas or out of the country where labor is cheaper. Of course the U.S. jobless rate would skyrocket.

Next is, and I know this will rattle some cages, if we cut down on what we import, for example Cars, and we "Buy American" then unemployment will go down and the economy will go up. How simple can it be?

Now I know it is 'good for business' and Gov't trade negotions to favor certain countries, read Most Favored Nation status, but come on! Open your eyes Big Gov't! How do you think we got in this mess? Simple... by sending our jobs, factories, et al out of the country and allowing other countries to import their goods to us.

I know we export to them as well and thus that does assist with the economy, but in a disaster of this magnitude we need to be keeping our money, our people, and our jobs in the United States, not exporting them.

Now from the link listed below the Chinese workers are finally realizing they have been getting a raw deal, http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Companies-brace-for-end-of-apf-2437567795.html?x=0

It is time the U.S. Gov't stops granting foreign companies tax breaks and not to mention other benefits and incentives. Offer those to our homegrown employers to keep their companies in the U.S.A.!

Rick Goodwin, a China trade veteran of 22 years, has said, "The new game is to find a way to do the domestic market." Meaning here in the United States. Let's 'do the domestic market' some good and get those companies back in the United States.

Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" mocked Frisbee company Wham-O for returning half of the production for Frisbee and production for some other products back to the United States.

I say we should praise and reward Wham-O for returning to the U.S. and bringing jobs along with it. Then perhaps other American companies with production overseas would return to their native soil.

How is it that we have relinquished our freedom and liberty to tell those in positions of authority that we don't like the way they are governing?

Thomas Jefferson said, "When the Government fears the People, there is liberty. When the People fear the Government, there is tyranny." Although I also appreciate the paraphrasing of Jefferson's quote from the character V in V for Vendetta,
"People should not fear their government, the government should fear the people."

We The People should be critical of our government because the government is only interested in maintaining its power, which we in turn stupidly grant it.

A foretaste of a future article begins below.

It depends on who has the weapons. As long as we have the 2nd Amendment the government has to be afraid of the people...citizen or subject...a bullet stands in the way.

The reason our Colonies were able to have a successful break from England was because they had the firepower to do so. The balance of weapons and firearms in the United States is equal to or greater than all the combined U.S. Armed Forces.

Those nations who take the firearms from their masses convince their subjects that they will take care of them in their hour of need. The people believe it not realizing the reason the government took their firearms was to remove the threat to their governmental authority.

Mad Doc

Remember *Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*

Two of my favorite sayings in closing.

1) If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"

13 July, 2011

More on the Police State and Surveillance in the U.S

How do We The People protect our freedom to our privacy, our anonymity, and most of all to NOT be observed 24/7, by the various public and private surveillance cameras placed around our cities, in our states and our country?

I have been writing and talking about this for years and now it has come to fruition!

Sooner or later these will be combined into a single network, an All Seeing network, likely to be placed under the auspices of Homeland Security.

Then OUR Gov’t will of course invent a scenario to create the aforementioned surveillance network and instate laws to enforce its use.

Sure to be exploited by the various Alphabet Agencies we all know and hate. Let’s call it SATAN, Scan And Track All Nationals, now isn’t that special.

Isn’t it bad enough that THEY monitor every form of domestic electronic communication, cell phone, & e-mail.  THEY have invaded our computers, have cameras at every stoplight, as well as on almost every corner, and monitor what we watch on TV for alleged ‘criminal activity’.

Once THEY have SATAN, combined with the UAV’s, which as I have said in previous posts, some of which are small enough to fly in our windows, then you can kiss the 1st and 4th Amendments goodbyePLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING LINK as of  21 Feb., 13!: http://news.yahoo.com/drones-large-small-coming-us-010537668.html

Lest we forget, THEY have access to a photo of everyone in the United States who is old enough or needs to have a form of Government I.D. Then of course we all know that THEY have facial recognition software.

THEY also have a large portion of the U.S. population fingerprints thanks to requirements for background checks needed for employment, military service, and other reasons. Even if you don’t have a criminal record, you could with a little electronic manipulation.

Should we not consider whether existing laws affords us a principle which can properly be invoked to protect the privacy of We The People and, if the Gov’t doesn’t, what should we do to enforce the nature and extent of such protection.

The intensity and complexity of life, attendant upon advancing civilization, have rendered necessary some retreat from the world, and people, under the refining influence of culture, have become more sensitive to publicity, so that solitude and privacy have become more essential to the individual; but modern enterprise and invention have, through invasions upon our privacy, subjected us to mental pain and distress, far greater than could be inflicted by mere bodily injury.

With all the video doctoring software available, and THEY will have the best, THEY will be able to make us see what THEY want us to see. Some poor schmuck ranting on the web about what THEY are doing, just catch a video clip from one of SATAN’s cameras, doctor it to show the schmuck killing someone and then submit as evidence in court. As I am sure there will be ‘laws’ in place to protect the validity of whatever SATAN captures. Then voila, off to some Re-Education Camp, read as prison, never to be seen or heard from again. We will believe whatever THEY want us to believe.

THEY already have computerized voting, so then THEY could, theoretically, put whoever toes the party line into office, any office in the land. Think about it!

What, you say! I vote! Yes and we all watch as the results come in on our nightly news, votes that have been tallied electronically. Send the signal and the vote for your candidate, has been changed to one for the other.

Come on people! We have Wi-Fi right? THEY have satellites than can beam a signal anywhere in the country to any voting precinct in a matter of seconds!

Think About It!

Those who can give essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety. Ben Franklin, 1775

Remember *Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*

Two of my favorite sayings in closing:

1) If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"

20 June, 2011

U.S. Becoming More of a Police State

Let me me preface this by saying I am a card carrying lover of the United States and the rights & liberties we enjoy as citizens of it.

Although, sadly, I am seeing more and more of those liberties and rights being violated under the guise of "National Security".  Any country or state for that matter, in my opinion, that gives up freedom for security is not somewhere I would want to live.

If you want to see what the Good Ol' U.S. of A. could be turning into just watch the movie V for Vendetta or read George Orwell's 1984 written in 1948 by the way.

The NSA and other alphabet agencies seem to be taking their cues from the Committee for State Security otherwise known as the Cold War Soviet Union's KGB.

The KGB was known for 'Supressing Ideoloical Subversives' or in other words those with thoughts and ideas that are not in line with what the Gov't wants.

Leonid Brezhnev, and those who came before and after him, ordered the State and KGB to actively perform routine house searches, rifle through trash, to seize documents, listen in on phone calls, and if it had existed then I am sure he would have been nosing around in our e-mails, and other private communications and he also had the KGB on continual monitoring of dissidents and residents. Sound eerily familiar?

I am sure if you do your reading on the KGB and compare it to current U.S. Policies and Practices you will find quite a few similarities.

As you know from my previous posts concerning Surveillance Devices in our home, Increased Surveillance in The U.S., & Florida, Arizona, and The Police State know that bit by bit our civil liberties and rights are being taken away right under our noses.

This piece has been kicking around in my head for a while now, and due to a recent article I read on Yahoo today, 14 June, 2011 concerning how the F.B.I. has granted itself, with no oversight whatsoever, new abilities and powers I thought it was time to emerge from mere thought into words of black and white.

The article which can be read here:


The above states that the Feebs have given themselves 'more autonomy than ever to conduct low-level searches without a paper trail.'

Example 1) Undocumented Database Searches - Under the new rules, agents will be allowed to search such databases without making a record about their decision, according to the FBI's General Counsel it is too cumbersome to require agents to open formal inquiries before running quick checks. Or for that matter it must be too much of a hassle to bother with the 4th Amendment.

Example 2) Lie Detector Tests (AKA Psychological Stress Evaluator Tests) Under current rules Agents can't administer a Lie-Detector test until they open a 'Preliminary Investigation,' which in turn requires a factual basis for wrongdoing.

Well, Gosh fellow citizen, they need actual evidence that you are guilty of something before they, the mighty F.B.I., can poke their nose into your personal business. Sure sounds like a good idea to me, what about you?

The new rules will allow Agents to use Lie-Detector tests not just on those suspected of criminal activity, but also on potential informants, and from the way it sounds to me, whoever they feel like as long as their investigation is considered an 'Assessment'.

Example 3) Trash Searches – Agents will be able to search the trash of a 'potential informant', or your average Joe Blow as part of an 'assessment'. “Agents have asked for that power in part because they want the ability to use information found in a subject's trash to put pressure on that person to assist the government in the investigation of other people.” The F.B.I. General Counsel said information gathered that way could be useful for other reasons. Apparently like Nazi Germany and the former USSR our Gov't wants We The People to turn into snitches on our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and more than likely our families.

Maybe as with the old Soviet Union to cause neighbor to snitch on neighbor for personal gain or favor and then the Gov't could wrongfully imprison or persecute/prosecute those that they feel are a threat to their agenda. 

Remimds me of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and the
Red Scares/ McCarthyism of the 1950's and 1960's.

Example 4) Surveillance Squads - The current guide stipulates that these highly trained squads can only be used on a target once during an assessment. The new rules would allow them to be used multiple times, but keep in place limits on the duration of physical surveillance. Read my article on Increased Surveillance in the U.S.

In the context of preventing governmental intrusions into personal life, Justice Louis D. Brandeis of the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the writers of the U.S. Constitution conferred:

The right to be let alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. To protect that right, every unjustifiable intrusion by the government upon the privacy of the individual, whatever the means employed, must be deemed a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

In other words the U.S. Gov't is in violation of the 4th Amendment every time they utilize any of the above, in what, We The People, feel is an unauthorized intrusion into our personal lives and business.

How about our trash. There is a reason why trash bags are, black, green, or brown, because even with our garbage we expect some measure of privacy.

Most of us do not set our cans on the street, but on our lawn or driveway next to the street. Which means it is still on private property and not public lands. It is not as if there isn't the technology for clear garbage bags for use in our homes. We see them in offices everyday.

I think a judge in a Florida appellate court said it well:

"In my view, a homeowner, upon placing items in a closed garbage container and placing the container in a position on his property where the container can be conveniently removed by authorized trash collectors, is entitled to reasonably expect that the container and the trash therein will be removed from his property only by those authorized to do so, and that such trash will be disposed of in the manner provided by ordinance or private contract. By sealing the containers in a secure manner and placing the containers on his own property, the owner has done everything within his own means to insure the privacy of the contents thereof, short of delivering the containers to a central disposal site himself."

So beware the next time you e-mail, take the trash out, make a call or text on your cell, Big Brother is observing and listening to you with Satellites from space, small UAV's hovering at your window as you watch TV, and going through your trash while you sleep.

As an added piece of food for thought, I believe we need to make a addition to the Article 2 of the Constitution, As such, to be considered for President of the United States, and as Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces the candidate MUST HAVE served in the Armed Forces. How can the President order our men and women into battle if he has never served himself and does not understand what it entails.

Remember *Writing is the socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia*

Two of my favorite sayings in closing:

1) If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

2) "It is the duty of those who CAN see what is going on to expose to those who cannot see, the situation that they are unaware of!"